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Financial analysis and modeling

Business growth, turnaround, and rescue analysis consulting to industry for more than fifteen successful years


Identify and gain insight into critical financial and operational focus areas for corrective action 

The Business Financial Performance Analysis Report can be used as a stand alone consulting product, normally as a precursor analysis before management embark on a annual strategy review session, or as an supplementary report for use in director and shareholder meetings.

Various clients have also used the report with success, when used as an addendum in business negotiations or where a due-diligence is required.

Interactive calculator: Calculate the probability of financial distress to your manufacturing business

Our approach:

The Business Financial Performance Analysis Report (for financial and non-financial managers) is a supplementary and invaluable management tool, that will enable your management team to understand the unique drivers and dynamics of your business model, and help identify critical focus areas for corrective action.

Due to the thoroughness and bench-marking nature of the analysis (normally four financial periods), the report is used in our consulting process during the initial client feedback session, and to gauge the ongoing impact of strategic and operational interventions. This approach enable all parties concerned to focus on the critical key areas of concern, that will result in the quickest turnaround, saving the client both time and money, especially at times when the financial pressures of the business dictate imminent corrective interventions.

The report is comprehensive and user friendly, and is used by business owners and managers to track business performance, establish benchmarks, and improve decision making. Investors also benefit from an accurate, in-depth and quantifiable analysis of the business, highlighting the financial market value (sales value or worth), and underlying risk factors.